Are you looking for the perfect place to learn to surf in Lombok? 

We offer tailor made programs for surf learners and guiding sessions for the more advanced surfers.

We aim to keep things a little different. From our fine surroundings at the guesthouse, the surf points near-by, our certified surf coaches / guides, to the equipment that we use, we aim to have the highest regional standard. Therefore we’ve designed everything on our surf coaching courses to make sure that you get the most out of your surfing during your stay with us.

SEMI-private lesson





Our surf programs are comprehensive in that it not only includes plenty of time in the water but also video analysis, feedback & surf theory classes, delivered by our team over the surfing week. Each surfing session is progressive and goal-oriented for each of the participants, and at the end of the surf session, your coach will be discussing with you how you progressed learning that new skill taught on the beach.

 We are careful not to mix ability levels. Therefore there will be a maximum of 2:1 student-instructor ratio at all times. This will also mean that you will never have to wait for others to keep up or feel left behind.



Every morning we will do a surf check online and with our local surfing friends and decide which beaches to head to. This will depend on factors such as the ability level of each group and the swell conditions. This means that the chances are high that you’ll have ideal conditions whatever level of surfer you are.


Some people are extremely confident in the waves, while other people are intimidated by just being in the ocean environment, but everyone, without exception, enjoys their first day surfing.

 The location of your first surf lesson will take place at one of the many finest beginner surfing beaches. The water is warm, perfect sandy bottoms, shallow waters, and no dangerous sea life or rip current makes this the ideal start point for your surfing vacation.

First element of your first surf lesson will be on the beach warming up, introducing you to the surf break and your beginner board. Our trainers will move on to teach you laying on the board at the correct position, paddling on the board, and pop-up (the jump), or, if this is not available for you, another relevant method of getting up such as a 4-step method.


Now you’re ready to enter the water and enjoy the surf, but not before you learn the necessary safety techniques.

Your first day of surfing will finish with a summary of the skills which will be covered during the upcoming week, as well as what they will lead on to and that’s where the fun starts… For most of you, within five days you can aim to go out and start catching waves all on your own!


In addition to plenty of time in the water, our guests will also benefit from theory sessions and video analysis. Through this video analysis, our coaches will provide a thorough evaluation of your surfing, highlighting both your strengths and areas where improvement is needed. What’s even better is that you’ll have the opportunity to take home your personalized videos, allowing you to share your exhilarating surfing journey with your loved ones.

Our surf points

For beginners, we’ll take you to the inviting shores of Tanjung Aan or Selong Belanak, where gentle beach breaks provide an ideal environment for learning.

As you progress to an intermediate level, you’ll have the opportunity to conquer the renowned waves at Are Guling, Seger, Mawi (during the dry season), venture to Gerupuk inside & outside or even Ekas, located more the east side of Lombok, during our surf day trips.

Trust us, your surf journey with us in Lombok will be unforgettable, regardless of the season or your skill level!

In fact, the rainy season offers some hidden gems; spots like Seger and Are Guling boast perfect glassy waves, and with fewer crowds, you’ll have more waves to yourself.

On the other hand, the dry season presents its own delights; this is when spots like Mawi and Desert Point shine brightest.

Excited to surf with us all year round? 



If you aren’t sure what level you are, have no fear! Our instructors will assess your level once you arrive and alocate you to the correct group.

"Just take your time, another comes. Let the other guys go, take another one."

-Duke Paoa Kahinu Mokoe Hulikohola Kahanamoku
(1890-1968) was a Native Hawaiian competition swimmer who popularized the ancient Hawaiian sport of surfing.


The lesson time is usually fixed the night before, making it easier for the planning. The timing depends on the best surf conditions for your level & on the tides of course!


However, we want you to start your day with a delicious breakfast and a refreshing morning yoga class. Therefore, surf lessons are typically scheduled after you’ve enjoyed your morning yoga session and breakfast!

Usually for the Level 1 surfers, we use the soft tops for the first days, before we can call yourself an advanced beginner and the instructor decides for you the hard tops. For level 2 and above, there is a range of hard tops which we can select from.

If you’re having your first go at surfing or have had a lesson or two in the past, we will start from the basics. 

The basics include introduction to the surf board, the surfing spot, a warm up, a dry session on the beach explaining the basics of the pop up and safety techniques, and then going to catch the first waves in our sub-tropical waters.

Every morning we will do a surf check online and with our local surfing friends and decide which beaches to head to. This will depend on factors such as your ability level and the swell conditions. This means that the chances are high that you’ll have ideal conditions whatever level of surfer you are.

Here are the surf spots you could likely surf during your stay:

  • Gerupuk (inside & outside) 
  • Don Don
  • Tanjung Aan
  • Seger 
  • Are Guling 
  • Mawi
  • Selong Belanak
  • Ekas 

Your instructor brings you to the surf spot which brings the best conditions. After an effective warm up your surf coach will show you teach you and help you to improve your techniques. Have the time of your life! After 4 hours (driving included) the surf session is over. You collect your board and the equipment and leave the beach together with your group to go back to the Surf & Yoga Camp. 

You definitely have a special connection with your own board, therefore if it’s convenient for you, we suggest that you bring your own board.

Yes, the surf board is included in the lesson for the duration of the surf class. We also provide you with the rash guard. 


Additional surf lesson is EUR 52 – 900k all inclusive (see inclusions above).

Ready for the trip of a lifetime with us?


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